Friendo night, over dinner, my husband Dean and I were discussing the unique relationship that develops online with people who are considered friends, but have only connected via the online world.   More often than not, these relationships become just as important as those we have with people that we've known for years.  We share a platform together, we interact together and a bond forms.  Some of these bonds develop into true friendships. But what do you call someone who shares your life through the lens of a camera?

We began to discuss how you would refer to a person with whom you have this special bond (as we both gesture with our fingers and thumb in a circle to represent a camera lens)....then poof!  The camera lens like and "O" and thus the word "Friendo" came to represent a friend with whom you share a bond with through the lens. You've never met but are still friends never the less.

"The Bird" whats that all about?  Well, we're all made up differently aren't we? All beautiful in our own way.  We may eat differently, live in different countries and believe different things but we are all "Birds" (sort of).  I wanted to design a logo that didn't just reflect my brand as AmandaMuse but also represented YOU!  We celebrate the diversity in all of us!

So "Hello Friendo" I'm so glad you're here!